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Trap-Eze and Waste- Eze Tabs use patent pending SORT (Selective Oxygen Release Tab) technology. Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs add oxygen to grease chambers. Aerobic bacteria need oxygen to grow and thrive. Oxygen starvation happens in the anaerobic environment of a grease trap. When applied regularly, Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs effectively breakdown existing grease. In the optimal environment created by Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs, the aerobic bacteria break down organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. Grease is eliminated!

Oxygen generated by Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs also helps prevent or eliminate hydrogen sulfide and its pungent “rotten egg” odor. Eliminating hydrogen sulfide, also prevents sulfuric acid, which corrodes septic walls and pipes, possibly leading to system failure.

Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs oxygenate the water utilizing a revolutionary oxygen delivery system in the form of a time release tablet. Once submerged in wastewater, Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs begin to effervesce into micro fine oxygen bubbles. This fizzing action distributes the bacteria, oxygen, and buffers evenly through the environment while treating the bottom sediments.

Unlike other liquids or powders which are often quickly discharged due to flow through, Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs active ingredients will actually adhere to the equipment, piping and trap surfaces, starting at the bottom. This unique bottom-up distribution means Trap-Eze and Waste-Eze Tabs will be a very effective treatment.